mutilple cucuzza 300x225 Cooking up CucuzzaWe have been cooking up cucuzza like crazy at the Covines.  My brother has had a bumper crop.  He has been sending fresh cucuzza our way for a few weeks and I have been cooking it up and sending some finished goods back his way.  It is what we call a win/win situation. With the help of all this cucuzza, I am getting very close to perfecting my stuffed cucuzza recipe.

Some of you may be asking what is a Cucuzza?  A cucuzza is a long squash.  There are several tasty ways one can cook cucuzza.  The first way I had it was my husband’s Nana’s recipe where she cooked it up with garlic, olive oil, onion and then added eggs and cheese towards the end to make a very delicious and rich casserole type dish.  I will get that recipe posted for you soon.

When cooking cucuzza you will want to peel it like a carrot.  Cucuzza does have seeds.  Depending on the size of the cucuzza, you may be able to leave the seeds in and eat them.  The general rule of thumb is the larger the cucuzza the tougher the seeds will be. You’ll be able to tell during prep if you will be able to eat them or not.  Large seeds will be obviously hard and almost yellow in color.  Edible seeds will be soft to the touch.  If you bite into the raw seeds and can chew them, you can cook them.

Here are a couple of recipes for different ways to cook cucuzza.

  • Chicken and Cucuzza with basil.  We add garlic to this recipe and serve it over rice.  This makes a lot and freezes well.
  • Italian Cucuzza Stew.  This is good even without the fresh thyme.  I served it with fresh bread.  My parents put the leftovers in the blender and then served it over pasta and LOVED it.
  • I haven’t tried this baked cucuzza and tomato recipe yet, but it is on my list to try.
  • Cucuzza Cake. This recipe is also on my going to try list. I will keep you posted.

As soon as I get my stuffed cucuzza recipe perfected I will share it too.  I hope everyone is having a great summer!

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