DSCN46761 300x225 How do you use Dill?As I mentioned in a recent blog about using herbs, we are going to discuss a different herb each week for a bit.  Last week we talked about using basil and our readers shared some of their favorite ways they use basil. Thanks everyone who shared last week!

This week let’s talk about dill.  Dill is a helpful tool inside the kitchen and out.

Did you know that dill is supposed to keep the tomato horn worm away?  My next try at tomatoes I am surrounding them with dill, garlic and basil.  The garlic and basil are also supposed to help repel pests and the basil supposedly helps provide important nutrients to the soil that may improve the taste of the tomato.  Sorry I did not include that basil tip in last week’s basil blog, but I just discovered it this week when I reread this article on companion planting – some good info in this article that I will be testing in the garden from here on out.  I will keep you posted on what I learn.

Increasing the amount of dill plants in my garden will work out well. We are really starting to go through the dill in our kitchen these days and now that I have successfully learned to dry my herbs we are all set.

Here are some of the ways we use dill in the kitchen…

When I learned a friend used dill in an amazing mushroom appetizer she makes where she crock pots whole mushrooms with wine, butter and dill overnight to serve at parties I started playing with dill more in my kitchen especially with anything that has wine, butter and mushrooms.

  • So now I add dill to my beef tips when I make it.
  • We add dill to our own sautéed mushrooms we frequently make with steaks.
  • We use dill in the herb ranch dressing recipe I mentioned in a post earlier this spring.
  • Dill is a key ingredient in a mashed cauliflower dish I make.  Simply steam cauliflower until it is tender enough to mash. Then add cream cheese, a pad of butter, dill, salt and pepper.  I do this all to taste.  It is a hit in our house, even the toddler digs it.

How are you using Dill at your house?

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